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Counseling Center
University of Mississippi

Chancellor’s G•ROVE Well-being Initiative

Appointed by Chancellor Dr. Glenn Boyce, the University of Mississippi Chancellor’s Grove Well-being Initiative (CGWI) is charged with assessing the current campus environment around overall health and well-being. The Well-being Initiative Task Force (WITF) will offer recommendations to create a thriving campus community based on quantitative and qualitative data and help guide campus initiatives by utilizing national standards for best practices and collaborating with internal and external campus partners.

Key themes of the initiative have been identified as G•R•O•V•E: Growth, Resilience, Outreach, Validation and Empowerment. These themes will guide some 50 faculty, staff and students from across campus in their efforts to elevate the practice of meaningful wellness services, resources, and programming across all components of wellness. This is a comprehensive approach to build a deeper, more accessible sense of belonging, welcoming, and connection.


  • Growth – health and well-being involves growth and personal development
  • Resilience – adapting to, coping with and recovering from difficult situations is crucial for health and well-being maintenance
  • Outreach – reaching out to others for support can reduce feelings of isolation and positively impact health and well-being
  • Validation – validating emotions and experiences is essential in health and well-being
  • Empowerment – empowering people with knowledge, resources and tools allows them to make informed decisions and actively participate in their health and well-being journey

The CGWI is a yearlong effort that will include events, as well as educational and outreach opportunities for faculty, staff and students on campus. Check out this article about the initiative!