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Counseling Center
University of Mississippi

Accessing Your Local Mental Health Providers

How to Access Local Mental Health Providers: 

  • Call 911 or local ER if it’s a psychological emergency
  • Contact your local community mental health agency – they often provide local crisis services
  • Contact your insurance provider for a list of telemental health services in your area that are covered by your insurance
  • Contact your general practitioner’s office for local referral options for mental health


How to Access Local Mental Health Providers if you are OUT OF STATE:

Due to laws governing clinicians’ practice abilities, the UCC is restricted to offering mental health via telemental health to individuals located in the state of Mississippi. It is recommended that students and employees that currently reside outside of Mississippi seek mental health services in their local communities if and when they are interested.


There are several resources to help find mental health services near you, including the Psychology Today’s Therapist Finder tool, your insurance company’s provider search tool, general practitioner, and local mental health authorities.


Before Starting Your Search

Before starting to search, it can be helpful to answer a few questions:

  • What am I looking for in a provider?
  • What do I want help with? (e.g. anxiety, sleep, mood, adjustment to college or graduation, relationship issues, trauma, family relationships, learning difficulties, medication management, etc.)
  • Do I want a provider with specific skills? (e.g. cognitive behavioral training, experience with trauma, prescribing medication, etc.)
  • Do I have any preferences for the provider I choose?
  • Do I want to use my insurance?

Once you have a sense of what you are seeking, one may:

Use this tool Psychology Today Therapist Finder 

  • Go to Psychology Today webpage:
  • Click on “Find a Therapist” or scroll down to the “Find a Therapist” search bar
  • Enter your zip code or city
  • Use the filter to choose your insurance (if you are planning to use insurance)

Call your insurance member telephone number, search on your insurance website, or insurance application (if applicable) to search and find ALL providers that accept your insurance.

Contact your local mental health authority by:

  • Searching “mental health agency” + your zip code
  • Browsing through the local mental health agency webpage to view what services they offer and if they are right for you
  • Contacting directly to ask questions and set up an appointment