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Counseling Center
University of Mississippi

Therapy Assistance Online – TAO

What is TAO?

We at the UCC believe in giving our campus community the tools and resources to take control of your wellness and achieve your goals. With the recent addition of TAO Connect, the University of Mississippi, University Counseling Center, and campus partners have made this even more accessible!

TAO offers over 150 brief, effective, educational sessions covering over 50 common topics and skills related to mental health, wellness, and substance use issues. TAO includes interactive sessions, mindfulness exercises, and practice tools all aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

TAO Orientation to Counseling

Students are encouraged to complete the TAO Orientation to Counseling portion of their Initial Assessment prior to attending their Initial Assessment appointment.

How to complete Online Orientation to Counseling:

  • Sign up for TAO Connect using your email.
  • Once registered, you will receive a welcome email and may then access the assigned TAO Orientation to Counseling.
  • You will be asked to complete 2 sessions: “Problem Solving” and “CBT: Lifestyle Factors”. (These sessions can be found under your TO DO list on the TAO dashboard.)
  • FEEL FREE to explore any of the other 150+ sessions in TAO at your disposal!!
  • If you find that the TAO resources suffice in helping you meet your needs, GREAT! If not, we are here for you!
  • Remember to download the TAO mobile app for convenient, on the go, anytime, anywhere access!