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Counseling Center
University of Mississippi

Group Therapy

Students often find themselves feeling isolated or alone in their challenges, experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Group Therapy allows students to feel understood, supported, and encouraged by their peers in a safe, supportive, and confidential space. Groups are free for currently enrolled students, meet weekly for 60 to 90 minutes, include up to 10 participants, and are facilitated by clinical staff members. The UCC offers a variety of groups based upon the unique needs and interest areas of the University students.

If you are interested in a group, please contact the Counseling Center to learn more!

General therapy title image

This group helps students to address a variety of presenting concerns ina safe and supportive atmosphere.

This group provides a safe and supportive opportunity to connect and heal with other women who have experienced unwanted sexual contact and/or other forms of sexual trauma.

Graduate Student Support Group Title image

This group is a safe and confidential space for graduate students to gain perspective and insight into themselves, learn appropriate coping skills for stressors, and normalize their experiences of being a graduate student.

LGBTQ+ Group title image

This group offers support, unity, and a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to voice concerns, share struggles and triumphs, and gain support from peers and counselors.

recovery support group title image

This is a group for individuals who are maintaining abstinence from all substances. Individuals will learn ways to enhance motivation, challenge faculty beliefs, enhance coping skills, and ultimately change behaviors related to alcohol and substance use. This group offers credit for the CRC.

healing from unhealthy relationships group title image

This group offers students who have been impacted by an unhealthy relationship a safe and supportive space to process and heal. The group will focus on allowing space for members to connect with each other and explore the healing process. Topics discussed in a group may include empowerment, self- exploration, social support, building healthy relationships, and advocacy and resources. The group will meet once a week for 90 minutes via zoom. 

womens support group title image

This group offers a safe space for women to come together and support one another through shared challenges, stressors, concerns, & successes in managing life. This group may include discussions related but not limited to, academics, relationships, societal pressures, and everyday life

feeding your feelings support group title image

This group is for females who struggle with disordered eating, body image issues, and perfectionistic thinking. Join us to discuss healthier techniques of nourishing your body and your self-worth while managing pressures to look and feel a certain way

dealing with distress group title image

This is a skills-based group that focuses on teaching students how to manage chronic negative emotions and/or behaviors (suicidal thoughts, self-harm, etc.) through distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and mindfulness skills.

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