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Current Spring 2015 Group Offerings

Calm In Chaos

“Calm in Chaos” is designed to teach tools that help make the most chaotic day calmer.  Using the model of 1) Hear it, 2) Do it, 3) Talk about it, the group lasts 6 weeks (one hour per week) and explores a variety of ways to make peace in our lives.  This is a group for beginners.  No experience is needed.  The specific techniques practiced in class include:

  • Week 1: Rhythmic Breathing
  • Week 2: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Week 3: Guided Imagery
  • Week 4: Guided Meditation
  • Week 5: Mindfulness
  • Week 6: Focused Meditation

Calm in Chaos is offered on various days and times each semester.  If you are interested in this course, please watch for mass e-mails sent to students, faculty and staff announcing specific dates and times

Anger Management

This is a six week psychoeducational group for anger management. You will learn what anger is, physical consequences to anger and hostility, and strategies to manage anger in your daily life.

Coming Home Again: Mindfulness for Vets

This is a class for military veterans with a focus on utilizing mindfulness-based interventions and practices to assist in successful integrating to campus and civilian life. Ten-week course beginning February 5, 2015.

Early Intervention

This group is designed for students seeking to modify alcohol and drug use habits. This group does not have a set date or time, but if you are interested please contact the University Counseling Center.

Meditation: Just One Breath

Our longest-running group, this is a Zen based meditation practice which includes focusing attention on the breath and relaxing the nervous system.

Meditation: Mindfulness and Loving Kindness

A guided meditation focusing upon extending first love to ourselves, then love to all others.

Meditation: Sit and Sip

Tea meditation, with a mindfulness component.

Mindfulness on the Go . . .

Simple and practical meditation and contemplative practices that you can incorporate into your daily life and take wherever you go.  Why?  Mindfulness practices reduce stress and anxiety and bring more balance and clarity into your life.

Class Structure:

Six Class Sessions  – Each session will be 1 ½ hours – in each of the first five class sessions we will look at two or three of the mindfulness practices from the Mindfulness on the Go book by Jan Chozen Bays and work with these over the course of the ensuing week.  Class members will be given a copy of the book and a small notebook to use as a mindfulness journal for the course.

No One Fights Alone

A support group designed for family, friends, and colleagues of those who are facing an illness. The goal of the group is to connect with others to develop a support system in a safe and caring environment to help cope with stress, anger and uncertainties related to the journey of an illness. The group is led by group members and discussions vary based on the needs of the group.

Strategies Against Depression and Anxiety (SADA)


Understanding Self & Others (USO)

In this group participants interact with each other, gaining insight into how others see them, the impact they have on others, and the impact others have on them. This group can help members develop more meaningful relationships in their lives.

Other Programming

The University Counseling Center Outreach Programming also offers other outreach programs to Ole Miss students, faculty/staff and the Oxford community. Programs are offered on a variety of health and wellness topics.

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