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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program or EAP is a confidential service provided by the University for all administration, faculty, and staff.  With the permission of the department head, employees may be absent from work for up to one hour per week, to utilize this service.

The purpose of the EAP is to provide information, consultation, individual counseling, marriage and family counseling, and other services to any employee who may be experiencing personal or professional difficulties that may disrupt day to day functioning.

EAP will offer the following three services: (1) EAP Consultation; (2) Standard EAP; and (3) EAP Treatment Provision.

The following provides a brief description of each service:

EAP Consultation – EAP Consultation is a service provided to employees who are experiencing challenging work-related situations and might benefit from speaking one or two times to a counselor either over the telephone, in an individual session, or in a small group meeting.  An employee typically seeks EAP Consultation to discuss situations involving a subordinate, colleague, supervisor, a change in duties, concerns about students, or other work-related difficulties.  There is no charge to the employee for EAP Consultation.


Standard EAP – Standard EAP is a short-term service (no more than eight sessions) that provides assessment, triage, and referrals for personal and work-related issues that might be impacting the employee’s productivity in the workplace.  Employees seek services from Standard EAP for a wide variety of issues such as work-related conflicts, marital conflicts, divorce issues, child-rearing issues, alcohol/drug issues, stress reduction, grief/loss issues, depression and anxiety.  During Standard EAP, the counselor will help the client determine his or her goals and work with the client to develop a treatment plan to achieve those goals. 

There is no charge to the employee for Standard EAP services.


EAP Treatment Provision – EAP Treatment Provision is a referral option occasionally offered to clientswho require longer-term counseling than the short-term services provided by EAP Consultation and Standard EAP.  The option of EAP Treatment Provision will be made on an individual basis, at the counselor’s determination. There is a fee for this service.

To make an appointment with an EAP counselor, please call the Counseling Center receptionist at 662-915-3784.